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Sandra CaseySandra Casey
M&B Billing

" As the owner of a nationwide medical billing service I am always looking for knowledgeable and qualified individuals as potential employees.  With today’s changing health insurance rules and regulations it’s not always easy to find an employee that can just jump in and fully understand the impact that they can make both with our company and with a client’s patient. The staff of Cambria-Rowe needs to be commended for imparting on their students not only the knowledge needed to comply with the high demands of today’s health world but also the professionalism to deal with a variety of high stress situations.  I have hired students right out of the program and have not been disappointed.  Thank you Cambria-Rowe!  I look forward to working with you in the future as our company continues to grow. "

Jonathan FlowersJonathan Flower
Vice President, Claims
American Mining Insurance Group

" Over my 16 years with American Mining Insurance we have gone to Cambria-Rowe looking for individuals who are self starters with outstanding work ethic. We have not been disappointed. They come to us prepared for the business world as we know it in the 21st century. Our business is always in need of people who are IT savvy. I find the Cambria-Rowe graduate in the specialized business program able to enter our system, and with a minimum of instruction hit the ground running to immediately become a contributing employee to further our business. In addition, they are outstanding representatives of our company projecting confidence and knowledge needed to interact with our customer base to provide the finest service in the industry. These qualities start with a Cambria-Rowe education. When we have a job opening, we aspire to move people up from within if possible. We have consistently been able to do that with our Cambria-Rowe graduates. How far can a Cambria-Rowe graduate go? A Cambria-Rowe graduate who came to us in the mid 1990’s is now an Assistant Vice President at our home office in Birmingham, AL. I have no doubt I’ll be contacting Cambria-Rowe in the future. "

Jim StruzziJim Struzzi
Indiana County Chamber of Commerce

" Cambria-Rowe Business College in Indiana, PA, is a tremendous asset to our community. The services and education they provide directly contribute to our economy and the skills of our labor force. I have personally interacted with many Cambria-Rowe students and faculty to my pleasure, appreciation, and respect. The staff members genuinely care about the students and the education they are providing. And when they graduate, the students are not only ready to enter the job force, they are prepared to succeed. Cambria-Rowe gives hope back to families and a direct path to great, successful careers for their students. I would recommend Cambria-Rowe to any student with the goals of personal achievement and fulfillment in focus. "

IndigoVickie Kanyan
Indiana County Transit Authority

" Today’s work environment moves at such a fast pace. Change occurs daily and new issues must be resolved immediately. Cambria-Rowe Business College gave me the academic and practical tools along with the confidence that allows me to understand problems and create solutions for my organization. When hiring for a position, we know that a graduate from Cambria-Rowe holds the knowledge to complete the job duties with success and confidence. "

Kenny P. Seitz
Attorney at Law,
The Debt Erasers

" I am writing this testimonial on how pleased I am in my employees from Cambria-Rowe Business College. I have heard in Business circles that Cambria-Rowe graduates are Intelligent, Trustworthy, Thorough, & Hard-Working. I have hired 2 legal assistants from Cambria-Rowe and my law firm has exceeded expectations every year since their hiring. I have no reservations in putting responsible tasks in their trustworthy hands. When tasks are given they are accepted as a challenge and are intelligently and thoroughly completed. If you are looking for responsible, hard-working and intelligent candidates for your business; you will not go wrong with Cambria-Rowe Graduates. You will not regret hiring Cambria-Rowe candidates and actually will be highly impressed. I am so glad to work with my legal assistants from Cambria-Rowe. "

Sherry BenderSherry Bender
Indiana Regional Medical Center

" As a recruiter for Indiana Regional Medical Center, I look for job candidates that are technically competent, have great interpersonal and communication skills and are able to deliver excellent customer service. Cambria-Rowe Business College graduates are well prepared to enter the work force. Our facility employs many CRBC graduates. They work as clinical secretaries, patient registrars, billing clerks, accounting clerks, and administrative secretaries. IRMC also hosts CRBC students for tours in the accounting and medical records departments. These tours give the students an opportunity to ask questions and see firsthand the duties and responsibilities of each job. "

Sherry BenderEmily Williams
CRBC Graduate, Indiana Regional Medical Center

" Cambria-Rowe Business College has given me the proper skills and tools necessary to achieve a successful career. The skills and hands on training that Cambria-Rowe offers to the graduates are very important and are considered to be major necessities in the business world today. After receiving my employment at Indiana Regional Medical Center, I began to value the medical skills and knowledge that I had gained from my time attending Cambria-Rowe. Each course that CRBC offers will in some way contribute to your career’s success. The dedicated faculty will  take the time to ensure that each individual graduate reach their highest potential and gain the necessary assets to lead their lives down a successful career path. I feel that without my education at Cambria-Rowe, I would not have been given the opportunity to acquire the rewarding career that I have today. "

Sherry BenderDana Henry
Retired Indiana Chamber of Commerce President

" The Indiana County Chamber of Commerce is incredibly grateful to have Cambria-Rowe Business College right here in our own back yard. Really we benefit from two very important perspectives. First, CRBC provides a superior business education, second to none. CRBC graduates are respected as premier employees for many businesses in and around Indiana County. We find that it is easier to retain and attract business in and to Indiana County by virtue of the fact that we have such an upscale business sensitive employee as a result of attending and graduating from Cambria-Rowe Business College. Second, the Chamber benefits directly by being able to partner with CRBC for internship and direct employment opportunities. Over the years we have been fortunate enough to be able to hire top notch CRBC graduates for our Chamber staff. Each CRBC graduate employee has been knowledgeable, skilled, and with a superior business ethic. Cambria-Rowe Business College rocks!"

Sherry BenderBrandie Boring
CRBC Graduate,
Former Employee at the Indiana County Chamber of Commerce

" Cambria-Rowe Business College made it possible for me to transition from being a stay at home wife and mother to an administrative assistant with the Indiana County Chamber of Commerce. I have been able to utilize all the office and computer skills that I was taught by the wonderful teachers. The staff, administration, and atmosphere are all very welcoming. I loved the class schedule. I was able to broaden my horizons while still caring for my family. Not only did I gain from my schooling, but I was able to teach my children by example. It’s never too late to follow your dream of getting a college education whether you’re fresh out of high school or have already started a family. One of the proudest moments in my life was for my husband and children to attend my
college graduation. "

Sherry BenderRepresentative David Reed
Pennsylvania State Representative

" As a state representative, I know it takes a strong educational platform to advance to a successful career in the business world. Today’s business climate requires an understanding of core subjects such as economics, accounting, and management. Of equal importance is the ability to think critically, communicate clearly, and interact professionally with others. Through my experience in hiring one of its graduates, it is clear to me that Cambria-Rowe strives to provide students with all of these skills to give them the courage and expertise necessary to enter the workforce well-equipped. Work experience builds on an education in order to develop a graduate into a successful professional, and Cambria-Rowe offers that crucial groundwork to each of its students. "

Sherry BenderAdriene Smochek
CRBC Graduate,
Representative Reed’s Office

" After taking some time off from the academic atmosphere in my early twenties, I was apprehensive about starting back to school to earn a degree. Cambria-Rowe offered the welcoming environment that I needed to be comfortable in a classroom setting again, and class sizes were just right for providing the opportunity to build personal relationships with the faculty. My Associate Degree in Management and Computer Applications provided exactly what I needed to hit the ground running in the business world after graduation. The material covered in my various management, accounting, and general studies courses has proven its relevancy in the working world. Knowledge of computer applications has given me the confidence to step up to the challenges my career has presented. Further, I have been able to build on the foundation of skills Cambria-Rowe provided to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Leadership with a minor in Management Information Systems. My academic and professional success began at Cambria-Rowe, and I am proud to call myself a graduate. "

Sherry BenderBrian Boland
CRBC Graduate, OTS, Inc.

" Before attending Cambria-Rowe I was skeptical, it is a smaller school, with an unfamiliar area and people. I quickly learned just how fast you adapt at Cambria-Rowe. I met some of my best friends at CRBC. The teachers at CRBC do an outstanding job projecting their knowledge and experience to each and every student. They take the extra time and go the extra mile to make sure that every student fully understands all concepts being covered. The atmosphere is very calm, secure, and homelike. The class work/homework was challenging but not over-demanding. Using the professional development skills I learned there, I was able to impress my current employer and land a very satisfying job and career. I use the skills I learned from Cambria-Rowe everyday and I am very thankful for all the efforts of everyone there."

Sherry BenderKaren Deutsch
CRBC Graduate, Dr. Jan Savit’s Office

" Cambria-Rowe needs to be commended for their very helpful attitude in our hiring process.  Cambria-Rowe is consistently going out of their way to provide well-trained, professional, courteous and goal-oriented job applicants. I have hired and will continue to hire from the school that I am proud to call my alma mater."

William Anderson
Publisher, Mainline Newspapers

" We went to Cambria-Rowe to help us fill our lead position in our financial department and they assisted us in finding the right person within several days. We were pleased that our new employee stepped into the position with minimal training and the transition, because of her training and knowledge, was very smooth. She was ready to go from the first day. Our chief financial officer visited our location and was impressed with her knowledge of our computer based financial programs, and commented, ‘She even taught me new things that I didn’t know existed.’ Cambria-Rowe grads are part of our business!"

Sherry BenderKevin Oleska
President, OTS, Inc.

“We recently hired an IT technician graduate from Cambria-Rowe. It was the first time our company chose to hire a person fresh out of school. Not only has he picked up our internal process very quickly but has worked very hard to make our client base feel at ease and confident with him. He came to us from Cambria-Rowe with a very solid foundation and skill set. He also was extremely ready to take on the challenge of his position at our company and has not shied away from any challenge we’ve put in front of him.  He has worked out well beyond our expectations for a new graduate!!! Thank you Cambria-Rowe and we look forward to reviewing new hires from your school as our company expands.”

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